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Gearing up for Summer Reading

Gave away 500 new paperback books to kids at school today for their first “summer reading” assignment in elementary school! I’ll be starting the year talking about characters, plot and theme with grades 2-6 in September next year. Second grade is reading Thaler’s Black Lagoon’s Summer Vacation or Black Lagoon’s Reading Challenge or Allard’s Miss Nelson Has a Field Day. Third grade is reading Sachar’s Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger. Fourth Grade is reading Riordan’s Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters, and Fifth grade is reading Paulson’s Hatchet or Fletcher’s Flying Solo. With our gently used book giveaway and these brand new paperbacks and checking out books from our library, my students should have plenty to read this summer if they want to. Hoping they can hang on to the top of that “Summer Slide.”