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Easter Bunny Read Alouds

Looking for entertaining Easter bunny stories? Here are three that can be enjoyed by children ages 3 and up. The Littlest Bunny series by Lily Jacobs is a rhyming story in which the Easter Bunny visits landmarks around the United States to hide eggs. The series begins the same in all of them but in each one of the individual titles featuring a particular state or city, the Easter Bunny hides eggs in well-known landmarks for that particular place.

In Anna and the Chocolate Easter Bunny by Kathleen Amant, a brother and a sister hunt for eggs. When the younger brother drops and breaks the chocolate bunny, Anna is very upset, but when the mother decides to melt the pieces to make cocoa, the siblings are once again happy. This is a great book to talk about problem solving.

In Turkey’s Eggcellent Easter by Wendi Silvano, Turkey is disguising himself to get in on the kids egg hunt. He fails many times, but finally gets a prize at the end. The book is very funny and will entertain young readers.

Crinkle, Crackle, Crack It’s Spring! by Marion Dane Bauer

Schema: sounds, listening, wondering what they are

Text-to-Self Connections: Using your imagination to think of what is happening

Text-to-Text Connections: Winnie the Pooh, Bear Wants More, and other seasonal books

The story is told in partly second person using the pronoun “you” as the animals gather and follow the sounds. As they walk on, the snow is melting, baby birds are hatching, and suddenly the big egg cracks and out pops spring.

Onomatopoeia is illustrated with almost a word on every page.

Synthesis: What do you notice that tells you the seasons are about to change? What is your favorite season?