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Oh No! by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann and Oh No, George! by Chris Haughton

Schema: When things don’t go right or the way we want them to go

Text-to-Text: Both books share the “oh, no!” phrase for similar reasons

Figurative Language: Fleming’s book adapts naturally to the song “Frog Went A-Courting” with rhyming words.

Problem Solving: Both stories have a problem that is solved with either self-control or help.

Predicting: With Oh No George! students can predict what George will do with each challenge.

The Cazuela That the Farm Maiden Stirred by Samantha R. Vamos

Schema: Cooking together

Text-to-Self Connections: family dinners, lots of people getting together to pitch in and help cook; cooperation with one another

Text-to-Text Connections: This is the House that Jack Built.

Compare and Contrast with The Little Red Hen.  In this story all of the animals want to cooperate and help.

Synthesis: Create a unique story with events that culminate in a final product. Example: Bringing canned goods to school to contribute to a food bank; describing a group project with a shared outcome.

The author mixes English with Spanish in every sentence with most of the nouns being in Spanish.  A glossary at the end defines all of the Spanish words.