The Widow’s Broom by Chris Van Allsburg

widowsbroomSchema: handmade brooms, fall decorations, define widow

Text-to-self connections: fantasy fiction with witches

Cause and Effect: Because the witches broom lost its power suddenly, the effect is that the witch falls to the ground and is injured.

Text-to-Text Connection: The Witch’s Walking Stick by Susan Meddaugh

Because the widow is kind to the witch by giving her a place to heal, the effect is that she leaves her old broom to be a companion for the widow.

Inferences: What do you infer is the reason the witch set the fire with a strand of her hair?

I am inferring that the fire was used to signal a witch to come and pick her up.

Personification: The broom takes on human traits.

Characterization: The Spiveys’ name characterizes them as they spy on Minna Shaw.

Drawing Conclusions: Readers can draw the conclusion that Minna Shaw directed the Spiveys to the closet to retrieve her old broom instead of her new one.

Text Evidence:  Minna Shaw said she felt guilty about locking the broom in the closet.

She thought there was nothing she could do to stop them when they came to get the broom.  She thought for a few minutes before she told them it was in the closet.

The text says that she had given the broom a coat of white paint.


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