Who is Melvin Bubble? by Nick Bruel

who-is-melvinSchema: Do we really know all about our friends?  What do you know about your friends?

Point of View: Each character describes Melvin from his own point of view.

Compare and Contrast: Dad’s words about Melvin with the pictures of Dad when he was small.  How are they different?

Melvin’s traits:

Mother: the pictures agree with her words; he is messy

Jimmy: adds that he whistles through his nose

Dog: Melvin feeds him so we can infer that he is responsible

Teddy Bear: Hugs him

Monster: wants to “have” him for dinner; double meaning

Santa Claus: We can infer that he is well behaved.

Tooth Fairy: She says he snores and has a big head.

Princess: She says he is a prince; we can infer that he is a good guy.

Meanest Man: We can infer that he does not hang out with mean men.

Magic rock: Text-to-text connection with Sylvestor and the Magic Pebble

Zebra: never heard of him

Melvin: He tells us he 6 and a half years old, is 4’2.5″ tall, has a dog, a teddy bear, a mom and dad, likes fairy tales, zebras, and Christmas, and does not like monsters and mean people.

He is wearing the Tooth Fairy’s crown for a ring.  His best friend is Jimmy, and he gave Jimmy a magic rock.

Characterization: Use a graphic organizer to make visible all of Melvin’s traits.

Cause and Effect: Because Jimmy wished that someone would write a book about Melvin, the effect is that Nick Bruel did.

Drawing Conclusions: We can draw the conclusion that the princess loved Melvin  so much from the text evidence where Melvin says fairy tales are his favorite stories.  Since he reads fairy tales, the princess thinks of him as a prince.

We can also conclude that a person is many things, depending on who is asked to describe them.

Big Idea: I am synthesizing that if I asked a person’s friends and family about them, then I could write a lot about that person.  Interviewing people provides information.


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