Uncle Jed’s Barbershop by Margaree King Mitchell

uncle-jeds-barbershopSchema: getting hair cut, Great Depression, segregation

Season: illustration depict Fall

Point of View: Sarah Jean tells the story from her POV.

Characterization: Uncle Jed: He visualized his dream of owning a barbershop.  He knew exactly what it would look like in his mind. He worked very hard and never gave up.

Drawing Conclusions: We can draw the conclusion that Uncle Jed is optimistic because he said he would just have to start over again and keep saving after the Great Depression.  His bank lost all of his savings, but he did not give up.

Cause and Effect: Because of the Great Depression, the effect was that Uncle Jed lost his money that he had saved in the bank.

Because Sarah Jean needed surgery and her parents did not have the money, the effect was that Uncle Jed gave them the money and had to save up more for his barbershop.

Ideas: Discuss what segregation means with the emergency room treatment issue and having a separate barbershop for African Americans.


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