Tree of Birds by Susan Meddaugh

tree-of-birds1Schema: trees, birds, nests

Persuasion: This book might be a good example to teach persuasion.  What are the birds trying to persuade Harry to do?  What is Harry’s mother trying to persuade him to do?  What is Harry trying to persuade his Mother to do?

Inferring: Harry infers that a car hit the bird.
I am inferring that Harry wants to keep the bird because he says that he is her friend when his mother tells him that the bird is a wild bird.
What can we infer that the flock of green birds is trying to persuade Harry to do?

Predicting: What do you predict will happen when Harry opens the window?  I was predicting that the birds would fly away with Harry’s bird.
Text-to-Self Connections: using the library

Cause and Effect: Because the birds did not leave before it turned cold, the effect is that they must stay with Harry for the winter.


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