Tortuga in Trouble by Ann Whitford Paul

tortugaSchema: turtles, desert settings, Grandma’s house looks like a sand dome

Text-to-text connection: other retellings of Little Red Riding Hood

Predicting: What do you predict the animals will do in order to save the turtles from the coyote?

Cause and Effect: Because Tortuga’s friends made the noise at Tortuga’s grandmother’s house, the effect is that Coyote is frightened away.

Compare and Contrast: the original story of Little Red Riding Hood with this retelling, compare the endings of Little Red Riding Hood with the way some have the wolf eat Grandma and some have her locked in the closet, compare and contrast wolves and coyotes

Inference: Readers can infer that Tortugas amigos hope to be invited for dinner if they follow him to his abuela’s house.

Drawing Conclusions: The animals drew the conclusion that Coyote was going to boil the turtles and make soup because Coyote put a pot of water on to boil.


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