Three Horrid Little Pigs by Liz Pichon

Schema: the original 3 Little Pigs story

Point of View: This story is from the wolf’s point of view, and the original one is from the pig’s point of view.

The 3 little pigs steal their materials is this story.  The straw is taken from cows, the sticks from birds, and the house from chickens.

Cause and Effect: Because he builds his house from straw hay, the effect is the cows eat his house.
Because the pig builds his house of sticks, the effect is that the birds take it back for their nest.
Because the other pig stole the chicken coop, the effect is that the rooster pecks him.

Compare and Contrast the wolf in each version: In this version, the wolf is like a mentor to the animals.  He teaches them to build and they learn to share.

Drawing Conclusions: What conclusion can we draw about the wolf in this version?


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