This Way Ruby by Jonathan Emmett


Schema: ducks, getting lost, or figuring out which way to go

Compare and Contrast (Characterization)Ruby and her siblings:

Siblings: Big Bold Adventurous/ Ruby: Small, Steady, Slow to tried new things

The siblings go on an adventure:

1. through the edge of the reed beds
2. past a waterfall
3. to the middle of the reed beds
4. through a winding water way
5. to the far side of the reed beds
6. to the grassy bank

On the way Ruby took her time and noticed:
1. waterfall
2. water lilies
3. bright purple flowers
4. willow tree
5. the black storm

Text-to-self: When it lightning and thunders suddenly, do you ever jump up and run around and feel scared?

Season: Spring

Senses: feel warm sun, see flowers, hear waterfall and thunder

Cause and Effect: Because Ruby notices things, the effect is that she knows how to get back home.

Sequencing: What order did she notice the landmarks?
1. waterfall
2. water lilies
3. bright purple flowers
4. grassy bank
5. willow tree
6. black storm

Internal Consistency: Would Ruby rush into anything before the others?


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