Think Big! by Nancy Carlson


Schema: What’s in your schema about being small? What are the good things about it?  What are the bad things about it?

Text-to-Self Connections:

being called a name
too short to reach the books
couldn’t keep the ball at recess
too short to see the food in the lunch line
had to be the smallest character in the school play
choosing the perfect size book at the library
getting extra cookie and pizza from the lunch lady
getting to help the teacher
deciding to sing out and got chosen for a bigger part in the play
getting more confidence in playing ball with bigger kids
sitting in his mother’s lap

Inferring: He couldn’t get the basketball, but we could infer that as a frog he might be able to jump high.

Sometimes small people are faster at sports.  When he decided to think big he was able to grab the ball when playing four square.

Compare and Contrast the way Vinney felt before he starts thinking big with after.

I am synthesizing that choosing a book that is just right is something good readers do.  Notice that the librarian helps Vinney make a good choice.


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