There Is a Bird on Your Head! by Mo Willems

Schema: Tell me about times you have been upset because someone is bothering you in some way?

Text-to-self connections: Think about how you deal with someone bothering you.  Do you tell on them to someone else like your teacher or parent?

Metaphor: For older children, this book is a great example of metaphor.  The bird on Gerald’s  head is a metaphor for obstacles in our life.

Cause and Effect: Because the bird is on elephant’s head, the effect is that elephant is very unhappy.

Drawing Conclusions: Piggie draws the conclusion that Gerald could just ask the birds to leave.  This is such a simple solution to the problem, but one that many children and adults forget to do when we are bothered by others.

Predicting: What do you predict that Piggie will do after the birds put their nest on his head?

Sequencing: Discuss the sequence of the bird activities on Gerald’s head.

Synthesis: Tell about a problem you are having and what you might do to solve it.  What is someone is bothering you such as pushing you in the line?  What do you think Piggie would do?

Text-to-text connections: other Elephant and Piggie books


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