The Woods by Paul Hoppe

Schema: bedtime toys, losing a favorite toy

Text-to-text Connections: In both this story and Knufflebunny, the main characters have lost a favorite toy.

Text-to-text Connections: Found by Salina Yoon features a bear who finds a lost stuffed bunny. This book also teaches compassion as the bear sadly gives the bunny to the moose, it’s owner. Moose feels compassion for the bear and decides the bunny needs to be with someone who would love it like he did when he was younger.

The illustration of the little boy looks very similar to ┬áMaurice Sendak’s Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

Drawing Conclusions: After reading the book and looking at the illustrations of the book the boy is reading, his stuffed toys, and the animals he meets as he hunts for his rabbit, do you conclude that he was using his imagination about going into the forest?

Summarize: The beginning, middle, and end of the story.

Compare and Contrast: with other books where a toy is lost, with other books where the character is using his imagination such as Where the Wild Things Are.


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