The Story of Jumping Mouse: a Native American Legend by John Steptoe

story-of-jumping-mouse3Schema: What would be the reason a story is retold time after time within a certain culture such as this one by Native Americans?  What words do you know that would describe a good person? Honest, Unselfish, Kind

When Magic Frog tells Jumping Mouse he can accomplish his goal, she tells him he will succeed if he “keeps hope alive within him.”

Synthesizing: Whenever Jumping Mouse gives unselfishly, he sacrifices one of his senses.  He keeps giving of himself, but never loses hope of reaching the far off land.  He seems to believe that if he does what is right, he will be ok. Do you have any text-to-self connections with doing what you thought was right and being ok?

Predicting: When Jumping Mouse named the bison Eyes-of-a-Mouse, Jumping Mouse lost his eye sight.  What do you predict he will lose when he names the wolf Nose-of-a-Mouse?

Inference: Magic Frog uses the word compassion near the end of the story.  What do you infer that compassion means?

Drawing Conclusions: We can conclude that Jumping Mouse was rewarded for his unselfishness and compassion by becoming an eagle.  What evidence from the story supports this conclusion?

Characterization: Jumping Mouse: honest, kind, unselfish, hopeful


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