The Sea Serpent and Me by Dashka Slater

Schema:  swimming in the ocean,  sea life

Text-to-Self Connections: real vs. imaginary, imagining something in the drain or yourself going down the drain

The story is a metaphor for growing up and moving  away from parents, friends, and those we grow so comfortable being near.

The books also goes through the days of the week.

Cause and Effect: Teach cause and effect as the little girl tries to find places the growing sea serpent can rest.  It is very tiny when it comes out of her bath tub faucet, but grows quickly.

Text-to-Text Connections:

The Serpent Came to Gloucester by M. T. Anderson

Luck of the Loch Ness Monster: a Tale of Picky Eating by by Alice Flaherty

Synthesis: How is this story like something you have thought about or been afraid of?  Have you ever felt worried about growing up?


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