The Perfect Sword by Scott Goto

Schema: movies about martial arts

Honorable Samurai warrior, Takeshi, proves worthy to receive the sword made by a master sword maker  when he expresses his views about hurting someone without cause is showing weakness and that being responsible is helping when a person can.

Of the six traits of writing, voice is one that this book demonstrates.  The Japanese American author says that he made an effort to write in the voice of an ancient Japanese warrior.

Cause and effect: because Takeshi demonstrated honor, effect was that he received the master sword.

Drawing Conclusions: The sword maker saw Takeshi capture the thief and heard the words he spoke. He drew the conclusion that Takeshi was honorable.

Characterization: While interviewing the others who wanted the sword, the sword maker draws the conclusion that they are either cruel, selfish, or unworthy by their answers to his questions. Analyze the character traits that the Samurai master is looking for in the one who receives the sword.


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