The Patchwork Path A Quilt Map to Freedom by Bettye Stroud

patchworkSchema: What is in your schema about the underground railroad?  What would it be like to start a journey on foot and running from the law?

Figurative language: Hannah says “my own heart was close to splitting,”  her “toes felt like icy hard pebbles,” and that she is “ready to go get freedom.”

Point of view: Hannah tells her story in first person.

Historical Fiction: The quilt story is a part of African American History.

Cause and effect: Because Hannah had her mother’s story quilt, she had a map to know how to get to the north.

Because Hannah’s Papa drew the log cabin pattern in the dirt, someone would see it and call them out of hiding to help them continue their journey.

Inference: When Hannah and her Papa put on the new cloths, people that see them will infer that they were free.

Sequencing: replicate the quilt patterns and have students put them in order of the journey in the story.


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