The Napping House by Audrey Wood

napping2Schema: Do you like to take naps?  What about snuggling up with a book in bed on a rainy day? Who likes to snuggle up with a pet?  See if you have any text-to-self connections with this story.

Sequencing: With this cumulative story, it’s a natural for sequencing.  For higher level thinking skills have the students sequence the story from the end to the beginning.

Cause and Effect: Because a flea bites a mouse the effect is that:

a mouse scares a cat and the effect is:

a cat claws a dog and the effect is:

a dog thumps a child and the effect is:

a child bumps a granny and the effect is:

everyone is awake.

Predicting: Predict who or what will get on the bed next by looking for context clues in the illustrations.  The next to get on the bed is beginning to wake on the previous page.

Compare and contrast the illustration at the beginning with the illustration at the end.  Notice the illustrations go from gray and cloudy to sunnier and sunnier as each page turns.


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