The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman by Darcy Pattison

journey-of-oliver-k-woodmanSchema: letter writing, traveling across United States, wanting to see relatives that live far away, text-to-self connections with missing relatives who live far away

Notice the parts of a letter.  Point out as you read that are certain things to include in a letter.

Inference: What do the drivers on the road infer when they see Oliver’s feet hanging out of the back of the station wagon?

Drawing Conclusions: Why does Uncle Ray draw the conclusion that Oliver is lost?  He has not heard from anyone who has found him in 17 days.

Characterization: List Oliver’s character traits as you read what his drivers and friends say about him.

Update: The author has a comment below with a link to lesson plans for Oliver. Ms. Pattison also added:

Thanks! THE JOURNEY OF OLIVER K. WOODMAN is just now out in paperback, which makes it even more attractive for schools.

A couple fun things:
After Joe Cepeda illustrated both OLIVER books, I met him and he explained that he put himself in the books. If you look in THE JOURNEY book, on the Salt Lake City, Utah page, you’ll see him. He’s right behind the convertible and on his shoulders is his son, waving an American flag. Beside him in a blue-green shirt is his wife. you’ll also find them on Chicago page in SEARCHING FOR.

Kids often ask me what Oliver’s middle name is, what does the K. stand for? I don’t know. Oliver won’t tell me.

Thanks for sharing OLIVER and his story with others!



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