The Hinky Pink An Old Tale Retold by Megan McDonald

Schema:  favorite colors, pastas, princesses

Text-to-Text Connections:  books with a mischievous fairy or sprite.

The term “hudgin” is not very common so “hobgoblin or sprite” might be a better term to use in explaining what it is.

Text-to-text connection: “glass slipper” for Cinderella, locked in tower-other princess stories such as Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel.  The manner or tone of the princess to Anabel connects with the wicked step-sisters in Cinderella.

Cause and Effect: Because “something” is waking Anabel, the effect is that she is tired, frustrated, and having trouble completing her assignment.

Text-to-self connections: people or things bothering you so much you cannot complete your assignments

Point of View: Anabel’s voice and POV is what we hear.

Drawing Conclusions: What text evidence leads to Mag’s conclusion that there is a Hinky-Pink?

There are many unfamiliar terms used as expressions and several of them refer to different types of pasta.  I found a link that provides a picture of many types.

Some  students may have a text-to-self connection with their favorite pasta or pasta dishes such as Ratatouille,  a vegetable stew with eggplant, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and other seasonal vegetables.

Italian terms:

Noioso: boring and tiresome

Portaspilli means pincushion.

Bellissima means beautiful.

Tarantella:  a dance with a  6/8 beat

References to fabrics and stitches may connect with  some students.

French knot: looping the thread around the needle several times before inserting it back into the same place the thread is coming from on the fabric.  It makes a little knot on top of the fabric.

Goblin Stitch: a special decorative stitch pattern

The setting is Firenze the Italian word for the city of Florence:

The illustrator, Brian Floca, has offered some coloring pages to go with the book. 


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