The Emperor and the Kite by Jane Yolen

emperor-and-the-kiteSchema: kite flying; emperor is like a president or ruler

Text-to-Self Connection: being a 4th child in a family, flying a kite, wanting father’s love and attention

Poetry: Haiku; 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables, but originally a Japanese poetic form about nature

Mental Images: Try to make a mental of image of the wind troubling the waters of a still pond.

Inferring: We can infer that Djeow Seow’s father thinks that small children are useless to him until Djeow Seow saves him.

Cause and Effect: Because Djeow Seow saw the evil men kidnap her father, the effect is that she knows where they lock him away.

Because Djeow Seow saves her father, the effect is that he realizes size does not matter.  He sees what her values are,  and he loves her for what she is.

Characterization:  Djeow Seow is very small in size. Djeow Seow is loyal to her father.  She is brave to build a hut and live in it alone.  She is creative to think of using the kite to deliver his food. She is smart to figure out the clue in the monk’s verse. She only wants to love and be loved.


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