The Boy Who Cried Ninja by Alex Latimer

Schema: telling the truth, not being believed, make believe

Text-to-text: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Heavy paper for the pages, simple illustrations, and straightforward text combine to create a book young children, especially boys, will enjoy. Tim tells the truth about the unbelievable things that happen in his house and yard, but his parents do not believe him. He then liesĀ and says it was him that did the things, but also gets punished, by having to rake leaves, even though he is innocent. Finally he thinksĀ to write a letter and invite the culprits to his home for a party. His parents make all of them rake, then they have a party. It would be fun to compare with The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Young children will be entertained and enlightened by young Tim.

Compare and Contrast: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Drawing Conclusions: The parents draw the conclusion that the boy is being dishonest.

Point of View: The story is told from Tim’s POV.



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