T is for Teachers A School Alphabet by Steven L. Layne

tisforteachersSchema: cover shows kids in a classroom raising their hands, teacher writing on board

Text-to-Self Connections: so many with every part of the school and all of the people who work there from custodians, crossing guards, nurses, principals, books, and all things to do with education except the counselor who is left out.  When you get to the C, you can ask the kids what else is in their schema about someone who works at the school whose job starts with a C.

Text-to-text connections: other alphabet books

Compare and Contrast: On the O page for the one room school house there is a boy standing with his face to the wall.  Compare that type of punishment with how schools discipline students today.  This conversation with the students is very interesting.

Synthesis: I think the big idea of the book is to practice alphabetical order and learn about every part of the school.

Organizational Strategies: The alphabetical order of the book lends itself to a discussion of the organization of the library.


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