Stanley and the Class Pet by Barney Saltzberg

Perfect for teaching cause and effect to young children as Stanley takes the class pet home and then  lets the bird out of his cage and it flies away.

Inference: By the look on Stanley’s face when he is about to open the cage door, what can we infer that he is thinking?  Stanley has a worried look on his face.

Predicting:  When Stanley’s friend convinces him to open the cage ask students to predict what is going to happen if Stanley opens the cage.

When the students suggest the characteristics of a new class pet, ask students to predict what pet that could be,  such as when the student in the book says, “something with a shell,” ask students to predict what it could be.

He has to tell his mother, his friends,  and his teacher what happened.  Stanley copes well with the effect of  his bad choice.

Peer pressure: text-to-self connections: have you ever done something another kid has pressured you to do?  Has your friend ever said he had to go home right after you do something you are about to get in trouble for doing?

Text-to-text connections with  What Pet to Get by Emma Dodd


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