Six Crows by Leo Lionni

Schema: fables

Text-to-Self Connections: fussing and fighting with each other, getting back at one another

Cause and Effect: Because the crows ate the wheat seeds, the effect is the farmer builds a scarecrow to make them go away.

Because the crows build a very scary kite, the effect is that the farmer builds an even scarier scarecrow.

Point of View: From the crows’ point of view, they decide they must scare the scarecrow away so they can eat the grain.

Drawing Conclusions: The owl observes that the wheat is going to spoil if the crows and farmer continue fighting so he becomes a negotiator and talks to both sides who come to a compromise.

Synthesis: I am synthesizing that talking things out is better than letting what we are fighting over spoil.

Moral: “Words can do magic.” from the owl in Lionni’s story

Personification: the animals take on human characteristics and feeling



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