Ruby in Her Own Time by Jonathan Emmett

ruby-own-timeSchema: ducks, ducklings, they swim, fly, lay eggs, Ruby is a name and a jewel

Questions: What does Ruby do in her own time?  Is the duck’s name Ruby?  Her mother says she is small and precious. Have you heard of a jewel called a ruby?

Characterization: List all of Ruby’s traits.

Word choice: Directional words such as upon and beside.  Put you hand beside you head.  Put your hand upon your head.

Counting: Count the eggs.

What can we infer is the reason a mother duck would sit on her nest in the howling wind and driving rain?

Text-to-self connections: Do any of you have brothers or sisters who do things before you?

Compare and contrast Ruby and her brothers and sisters:
Her brothers and sisters do things at the expected time.  Ruby does things when she is ready which is usually after her brothers and sisters do it.

Sequencing: Sequence the skills that Ruby learns.

Synthesis: Are all kids the same and do things at about the same time?  Share a personal example of something you have seen others figure out how to do before or after you.

Text-to-text with other Ruby book and with Lucy Goose Goes to Texas by Holly Bea.


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