Perfectly Martha by Susan Meddaugh

perfectly-marthaSchema: dogs, what they like, text-to-text connect with other Martha books

Inference: What do you infer that the man in the green suit feels about dogs?  maybe that dogs are wild creatures that never want to mind

Predicting: What do you predict the dog owners will think after hearing the man’s speech?  that they will want him to train their dogs

Cause and Effect: Because Dr. Pablum put the chip in the dog’s collar, the effect was that the dogs lost their ability to use part of their brain.

What conclusion does Martha draw about the collars when she sees what Burt is like before and after he has the collar on?  that the collar changes him in some way

What do you predict that Martha whispered in Dr. Pablum’s ear?  I predict that she asked him to put a chip in Otis Weaselgraft’s collar.

Compare and Contrast: the dogs before and after they had the chip in their collar

Double meaning words:  When Dr. Pablum patted Otis Weaselgraft on the back of the neck, he said “Now you’re perfect.”  What is the double meaning?  He was pretending to give him a compliment and a pat on the back, but also meaning that the chip would take away his free will and his ability to disobey.


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