Pale Male Citizen Hawk of New York City by Janet Schulman

pale-maleSchema: parks, apartments, birds, nests

Text-to-text connection with Frightful’s Daughter by Jean Craighead George; in both books the birds did things their own way which was different from birds of their species

Cause and Effect: Because Pale Male built his nest above the Fifth Ave. apartments, the effect was that the people who lived in the apartments wanted the hawks to leave.

Because the Bush administration relaxed the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1913, the effect was that it became legal to destroy the hawks’ nest.

Because the citizens of New York protested, the effect is that the owners of the apartments decided to re-do the nesting area so the hawks and they could live together without the left over dinner scraps problem in their walkway.

Mental Images: make a mental image of a bird with a four foot wingspan, maybe the length of one of the tables in the room or library

Mental image of a pale colored bird; almost white on its breast and a light tan on its back

Mental image of an aerial ballet; imagine two large birds doing a ballet in the air, very graceful flight

Mental image of being bombarded by a flock of crows and sort of losing your way and running into a wall like Pale Male’s first mate did

Drawing Conclusions: The owners of the fancy apartment building on Fifth Ave. decided to let the hawks live above their entrance due to protests of the citizens of New York and the bad publicity they were receiving.


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