My Mom Has X-Ray Vision by Angela Mcallister

Schema: superheroes, moms knowing when you are doing something you are not supposed to do

Large colorful illustrations feature an African American preschool aged boy and his mother. Matthew’s mother has a great ears and knows him well. He infers that she may be a super hero and that she may have x-ray vision because she tells him to stop jumping on the bed even when he is upstairs and she is downstairs. He decides to test her and hides in the closet, but while he is hidingĀ a neighbor falls out of her window, and his mom suddenly changes into a Wonder Woman type outfit and flies up and saves her.

Inference: Matthew infers that his mom has superhero characteristics

Drawing Conclusions: What conclusions can the reader draw by looking at clues from the illustrations that lead the reader to conclude that Matthew’s mother is a superhero?


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