Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley

mouse mess Schema: mice, food, snacks

Text-to-Self Connections: quiet sounds, stuffed toys, bedtime snacks;

using brown sugar packed in a measuring cup, the mouse stacks the forms up to build a  sandcastle like structure.  Have you ever packed sand in a cup to build a sandcastle?

Condiments: olives, pickles, catsup–What is your favorite?

Bubble bath in a cup–Have you ever soaked in a bubble bath?

Alliteration: Splish-splash, the milk spills out.

Cause and Effect:

Because the people go to bed, the effect is that the mouse can come out and snack.

Because the mouse makes a mess, the effect is that he wants to clean it up himself.

Inference: As the mouse is going to bed the people are coming down the stairs.  How long do you infer that mouse ate and cleaned in the kitchen?  all night?

Point of View: Is the story told from the mouse’s or the people’s point of view?


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