Mim, Gym, and June by Denis Roche

Mim Gym and JuneSchema: gym for exercising, June is the name of a month and sometimes a person

Text-to-Self Connection: Ask students to notice the mess that Mim has made in the kitchen.  What would your mother say is you made that mess in your kitchen?   Does anyone like being the leader in your line?

In the picture before the book begins, it shows Mim’s mother hemming her pants.  Does anyone have a text-to-self connection with having to hem your pants because they are too long when you buy them?

Text-to-Text Connection: Think Big by Nancy Carlson, Vinney also gets extra food from the cafeteria ladies because he is so small.

Cause and Effect: Because June could not be leader, the effect is that she is angry with Mim.

Inference:  Mim’s mother suggests that she does something nice for June.  We can infer that Mim and her mother make cupcakes.

Ask the students what the cupcake represent besides just being nice to June.  When Mim offers a cupcake to June, the cupcake is a symbol of friendship.  When Junes throws the cupcake on the floor and stomps on it, she is stomping on their friendship and stomping on Mim’s feelings.  When I read this with my second graders I was amazed that they got this.

Drawing Conclusions: When Mim and June talk about the Gym Olympics, they draw the conclusion that they should be friends and be partners because together they could win.


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