Martha Calling by Susan Meddaugh

Schema: dogs, talking dogs, Martha cartoon shows on television

Inferring: The family thinks the Inn will infer that Marth is a person when they put her in the wheel chair.

What does the maid infer when she sees a very full Martha and a pile of bones on the floor?

What do dogs infer when they hear the K word?  What is a “kennel?”

Predicting: When Martha sees the frisby, what do you predict she will do?

What do you predict Martha is thinking when they all leave to have fun, and she has to stay in the room?

What do you predict the Inn manager is going to do with Martha when she asks about summer employment?

Personification: Martha, the dog, is given human traits.

Text-to-Text: the other Martha books

Text-to-Self Connections: Has your pet ever misbehaved when you have left it alone?

Synthesis: What does the comment that Martha makes, “I gotta be me” mean to you?”


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