Manners in the Library by Carrie Finn and Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk

Manners in the Library by Carrie Finn

Engage schema by brainstorming about good library behavior.  When reading, list new learning from the book about library manners.  Students will have several text-to-self connections to share.

Library MouseI pair this book with a reading of Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk.  In Library Mouse students enjoy predicting what the students will see inside the tissue box.  Many think it will be Sam.

Have the children review where the different areas of the library are located.

When Sam puts his book in the biography section, we discuss why it is in that area.

When he puts his picture book in the picture book section, students point to where that is in the library and the same with the chapter book section.

Students can also infer that the librarian likes Sam’s books by the look on her face as she shares them with the other librarians and children.

Sam’s character is well defined as a shy, creative, intelligent mouse so this book could also be used to teach characterization.

The librarian uses the word “immensely” in her letter to Sam and children will infer the meaning.


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