Magical Hands by Marjorie Barker

magical-handsSchema: giving gifts, making others happy, does it require magic, does it always require money

Historical fiction: Before we had so many automatic ways of doing things, people did work with their hands.
Cooperage: a barrel-maker business

Drawing Conclusions: Vincent drew the conclusion that magic had stacked his fruit for him.

Philip draws the conclusion that a good fairy heard them wishing about their birthdays.

Adrian also draws the conclusion that a fairy visited him on his birthday and made the bread for him.

William draws the conclusion that his friends knew it was him who was doing the work for them on their birthday and that his act of kindness motivated them toward an act of kindness on his birthday.

Characterization: What trait did all four men have in common?  Kindness and caring

Synthesis: When we do anonymous random acts of kindness how do we feel?  How do other’s feel?

Text-to-self connection: Share acts of kindness


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