Lucy Goose Goes to Texas by Holly Bea

lucy-gooseSchema: Canada, migration, seasons, teamwork, cooperation, things about geese, things about Texas

Predicting:  Look at the illustrations of Lucy peeping at the turtle, swimming with her head under the water, and back floating.  It says that “when the others went east, Lucy always went west.”  Do you predict that Lucy will stay with the others on their journey to Texas?

Words with double meanings: “have us a ball” What does the word “ball” mean in this context?

Teamwork: Read the “Did You Know” section at the back of the book about how geese fly in the V formation taking turns being a leader and encouraging one another.  Do you agree with Lucy in that it would be better to be alone than not be the best in a group?

Text-to-Self:  When Lucy realizes she has made a mistake, she wants her mother.

Inferring: When the fox howls we can infer that it is hungry and might want to eat Lucy.


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