Jake Starts School by Michael Wright

jake starts schoolSchema: beginning a new school year, going to a new club, church, or class

Text-to-text Connections: Miss Mingo and the First Day of School by Jamie Harper;  First Grade, Here I Come by Nancy Carlson

Text-to-Self Connections: leaving parents to go to school, being afraid to try something new; what connection did Jake make with the book Mrs. Moore read to the class?

Cause and Effect: Because Jake was afraid to leave his parents, the effect is that Mrs. Moore, his teacher, allows his parents to stay with him all day.  Because Jake would not let go of his parents, the effect is that he didn’t get to glue, have fun at recess, or do anything he needed his hands for all day.  Because he held on to his parents legs so tightly,  the effect is that the circulation was cut off to their legs.

Compare and Contrast:  Compare what the kids did who didn’t have their parents with them  to what Jake got to do at school.

Synthesis: What did Jake synthesize about school after he made the text-to-self connection with the dog in the book and his own dog?


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