If a Chicken Stayed for Supper by Carrie Weston

if-a-chicken-stayed-for-supperSchema: chickens, fried chicken, pet chickens; Mother Fox gives some instructions or directions to the baby foxes.  What usually happens when you don’t follow directions?

Predicting: What do you predict will happen when Rag leaves the den?

Cause and effect:  Because the foxes do not count themselves, the effect is that they think one of them is lost.

Because the chicken found them, the effect is that she took the foxes to their den to their mother.

Point of View: When we hear the phrase, “have a chicken for dinner,” we automatically think of it as food to eat.  What’s another way to think of it?  If we said we were going to be “having a friend over for supper,” we wouldn’t think we were going to eat them.


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