I.Q. Goes to the Library by Mary Ann Fraser

iq goes to the library Schema: our school library, our classroom, our class pets

Text-to-Self Connections: going to the school library

Sitting in a special corner or area of the library

Listening to stories in the library

Wanting to check out the book the librarian is reading to the class

Seeing magazines, puppets, newspapers in the library

Noticing that we have similar books, chapter, hardcover, paperback

Noticing the different areas of the library: nonfiction, biography

Great time to share the databases where students can hear a story out loud such as Teachingbooks. net

Using shelf markers and putting books back where they go

Book Care

Using computers to access the catalog

Getting papers signed by a parent/guardian

Enjoying the books you check out over the weekend

Text-to-Text Connections: I.Q. It’s Time, The Three Little Pigs

Mental Image: Imagine that you see I.Q. jumping on the mouse and dancing on the keyboard

Inference: We can infer from the illustrations that I.Q. does not have to stay in a cage in the classroom.

We infer that the story I.Q. wore the puppet for went with The Three Little Pigs.  The librarian is also holding the book.

Synthesis: The big idea of the book is how to use the library.  I am synthesizing that there are lots of things to do and learn about in the library.


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