I Love You With All My Heart by Noris Kern

i-love-you-with-all-my-heart1Set in the North Pole, Polo the polar bear,  asks a caribou, a penguin, a sea lion, and a wolf how their mother loves them.

Each animal responds with a phrase that their mother loves them with all their wings, flippers, and teeth.

When Polo asks his own mother she says she loves him with all of her heart, her eyes, her fur, her nose, her mouth, her paws, and her heart.  This is a great book for winter or Valentine’s Day.

Sequencing:  Sequence the order in which the animals appear in the book.

Matching activity: Print clipart of each animal.  Write the part that their mothers love them with on tagboard,  and make a matching game with the animal and the part such as the penguin and the word, “wings” etc.


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