House Held Up By Trees by Ted Kooser

Schema: tree houses, seed dispersion, yard work

In a way, this book is a very sad book for adults. A single father grows old, his children grow up and move far away. He finally moves to be near them in hopes of seeing them occasionally. No one buys the house. It begins to deteriorate, is vandalized, and abandoned.

Conflict: Man Vs. Environment: When the house is left alone, nature takes over.

Text-to-Self Connection: playing outside around neighborhood

Text-to-Text Connection: The Good Brown Earth by Kathy Henderson

Cause and Effect: Because the man worked to keep his lawn and house in good repair, the effect is that the lawn and house stayed weed and tree free and in good shape

Because the man moved away and the house was left with nature, the effect is that nature took over the house.

Synthesis: When left alone, a piece of land is changed by nature. The wind and seeds do what nature does as time passes. The earth renews itself.


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