Here Comes Darrell by Leda Schubert

here comes darrellSchema: people you know that are always helping others

Sequencing: the book goes through each season

Setting: Vermont

Characterization: Make a graphic organizer to show Darrell’s characteristics.

With Tommy he takes the time to let him play like he is driving his truck

With The Barretts he gives the firewood to them even though they can not pay him now.

He gives the Barrett children little birds that he has carved and offers to teach them how to whittle.

He offers to build a pond for the Murphys so Andy can play with the frogs.

Mental Images: Make a mental picture of “dirt roads…like chocolate pudding.

Cause and Effect: Because the roof was never repaired, the effect is that it completely blows off in a storm.

Because Darrell is so kind, the effect is that people want to help him when he is needing help with his barn.


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