Hen Hears Gossip by Megan McDonald & The Secret by Lindsay Barrett George

hen-hearssecretFarm animals pass along some news from cow and get it all mixed up with other words that rhyme.

The story is a circle map in that it starts with the hen and cow and ends with the hen and cow.  The students do enjoy the humorous phrases that the animals pass along.  This book has a text-to-text connection with The Secret by Lindsay Barrett George.

The Secret is also a circle map story which begins with Mr. Snail and ends with Mr. Snail.  Mr. Snail tells Mouse a secret which is passed on from one animal to the other until it gets to Miss Snail who responds by saying, “Mr. Snail, I love you too!”  This is a sweet book for Valentine’s Day for first grade.

Sequencing: Students could sequence the order of how the secret is passed along.


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