Have I Got A Book For You! by Melanie Watt

Schema: people who sell things with commercials on TV; a fox is the character telling the story so what is our usual stereotype of a fox in a story-usually a bad guy?  What preconceived ideas do we have about salesmen or telephone marketers who call and try to get us to buy something?

Persuasion: This book is a fine example of a persuasive writing.  Use a graphic organizer to graph the persuasion terms.

Al has references; how do the references help him?  They give him credibility.

Text-to-text Connections: Sleeping Beauty is mentioned in the story.

Cause and Effect: Because the fox compliments his audiences outfit and says he likes you, he hopes the effect will be that you____.

Text-to-Self Connections:

Commercials that are the infomercial where they throw in some bonus items if you call right now and order their product.

Building a fort, using duct tape

Seeing the sign in a store that says, “you break it, you buy it”

Reader’s Theater: This book would lend itself well to a reader’s theater performance;
Students could  could write similar skits about some other product too.

Sequence the different types of tactics the fox uses to sell the book such as introducing it, complimenting the buyer, sharing the uses, offering bonus items.

Synthesis: The big idea the author is sharing is trying to persuade someone to buy something.     Students could  could write similar skits about some other product too.


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