Growing Up With Tamales Los Tamales de Ana by Gwendolyn Zepeda

growing up with tamalesSchema: making tamales, looking forward to getting to do the things your older brothers and sisters are doing

Text-to-Self connections: helping mother, wishing to be older

Sequencing: The book begins when Ana is 6, and she goes through each part of the book with her age increasing.

Math: numbers are added by 2’s throughout the story

Mental Images: The story provides some good examples of images that young students can practice making such as: riding a bike without training wheels; the steps of making tamales

Cause and Effect: Because of being more mature at each age, the effect is that Ana will be able to do more responsible things.

Compare and Contrast: Compare what Ana can do now with what she can do as she gets older.

Synthesis: Can you synthesize from what you like now, what you think you will be doing when you are twenty?


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