Fly, monarch! Fly! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

fly-monarch-fly1Schema: butterflies, eggs

Text-to-Text Connection: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, the Magic School Bus series with lots of true information in the story

Text-to-Self connections: taking a photo of yourself with your head seen through a hole in a wooden painting

Text-to-Self with the word “metamorphosis”  Have you ever heard of the word “morph” meaning to change like in transformers changing from cartoon characters into machines?  Metamorphic rocks? Migration: what other animals migrate?

Alliteration: Read the poems on the signs.

Reading On: the word “molt” may be new.  Let’s read on to see if we can find out what it means.

Reading On: Proboscis: like a party horn turned upside down.  The part of the butterfly that is used to get the necter.

Sequencing: the stages of the butterfly


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