Fish is Fish by Leo Lionni

Schema: tadpoles, fish

Setting: a pond and surrounding area

Characters: a tadpole who grows into a frog and a minnow

Mental Images: What a perfect book for showing students how to make a mental image. Frog describes the above water world to his friend,  fish, a minnow.  Minnow tries to visualize what cows, people, and birds look like from frog’s description. Leo Lionni’s illustrations make practicing a mental image fun.  Minnow does not have any of the above water creatures in his schema, so he has to connect what frog is telling him to what he does have, fish; therefore, every creature he imagines has a fish body with the extra features of birds, cows, and people.

This is a great book to introduce making a connection in your schema and  mental imaging to young readers.


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