Epossumondas by Coleen Salley

epossumondasSchema: possums, playing possum, marsupials, folktales

Genre: Folktale;  noodlehead story which is a silly, harmless story

Internal Consistency:  Epossumondas just follows directions, but he doesn’t think about the cause and effect of his actions.  Do you think Epossumondas would ever disobey his mama or his auntie?

Cause and Effect: Because Epossumondas doesn’t think and just follows his latest directions, the effect is that his gift is ruined.

Predicting: After each gift, predict what Epossumondas will do with the next gift that his Auntie gives him.

Predict what Epossumondas will do when his mama tells him, “…you be careful  stepping on those pies!”

What did his Mama really mean?

Text-to-self connections:  Ask students if anyone has ever lost a gift or  broken a gift.

Text-to-text connections:  Amelia Bedelia stories where Amelia takes words literally.  See Epossumondas trying to pin the pin on his own tale, hanging from the tree instead of hanging the balloons, and being careful to step in the pies.


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