Duel! Burr and Hamilton’s Deadly War of Words by Dennis Brindell Fradin

Schema: a battle, western movies with gun fights

Text-to-Self Connections:

Compare and Contrast: Hamilton: born in the Caribbean

Burr: born in the U.S.

Both lived in Elizabeth, New Jersey, raised by people who were not their parents, active fighters in the American Revolution, served as aides to General George Washington, jealous and envious of one another, both fake friendly to each other’s face, but very undermining behind each other’s backs

Compare and Contrast their war of words with today’s war of words and “dirty” politics¬† in the media with our political leaders, and pop culture icons

Characterize Burr and Hamilton’s personalities.¬† What is their character flaw?

Resolution: What is the resolution of the conflict?

Idioms: Chip on his shoulder


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