Don’t Be My Valentine A Classroom Mystery by Joan M. Lexau

dont-be-my-valentineAn I Can Read Book
Sam and Albert are talking about the Valentine’s Day party.  Sam writes an insulting verse on a heart that he plans to give to a girl, Amy Lou, who he thinks is a nuisance.  Sam puts the valentine in his pocket, and when he next looks for it, it is missing.  The mystery involves who found it and who put it in the teacher’s Valentine box.  Second graders enjoy this story because they have many text-to-self connections with it.  The children in the story are arguing and running and basically in conflict with each other while solving the problem on their own.

Cause and Effect:  Because Sam forgot to give his parents the cookie note, the effect is that he does not bring cookies to the party.

Drawing Conclusions: What evidence leads Sam to believe that Albert put the mean valentine in the teacher’s box?

Inference: We can infer that the teacher had given the note about the cookies to Sam sometime before he found it in his pocket the day before the party.  We can infer that Sam’s father thinks that the Valentine Sam has made for Amy Lou is a nice one.

Text-to-self connections: Have you ever not been listening and cut a paper incorrectly when your teacher is showing you how to make something?

Predicting: Who do you predict sent Amy Lou the valentine from Sam?  Who do you predict put the mean valentine in the teacher’s box?


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