Danitra Brown Leaves Town by Nikki Grimes

danitra-brown-leaves-townNarrative poem: tells the story of when Danitra went to her aunt’s for the summer and left her friend, Zuri, in the city.  Zuri is angry at Danitra for leaving her, and the poems show how Zuri feels.

Setting:  What can we infer about the type of transportation Danitra is using from the word “station” in the “Bad Good-Bye?”  It might be a train or a plane.

“First Night” Do you have a text-to-self” connection with seeing fireflies at night?

Simile: “sky…like a thick overcoat all buttoned up with stars” creates a strong mental image.

“The Dare” The idiom “use my head for more than a hat rack” means using your brain.  Do you have a text-to-self connection with taking a dare?

Graphic organizers: Compare and contrast what the girls are doing in the city and in the country.

City: sitting on rooftops, playing handball, block party, a subway ride to the beach seems to be set on the East Coast with amusement park near the sea, collecting seashells

Country: backyard campouts, less city lights so the sky is dark enough to see the stars, trees to climb, desolate enough to go “skinny dipping,” sack races, eating a potluck outdoors

Both: could see fireflies in both although in book it’s in the country, softball and kickball could be played in both places although in the book it is in the city, both are spending the 4th with family

Voice: The voice of Zuri is strong and her character changes from being resentful to being thankful for her friend as time goes by.


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